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How upgrade slackware 14.1 stable to current ??

okay i tell some litle story, exactly i really don’t know upgrade my slackware 14.1 stable to current. i use slackware 64 bit, but i don’t like stable version but i wan’t old software there and i’m want new software like arch linux or gentoo.

actually i’m really really love using slackware :* , hmm all right we now let’s tell 😀

if you using slackware 14.1 x86_64 and you want upgrade to current base slackware 14.1 it’s so could bro 🙂

okay first step you must change repository on slackware, you must edit on /etc/slackpkg/mirrors let’s see it;
# nano /etc/slackpkg/mirrors

and you’ll see some repository on slackware, comment your repository that has been previously selected and select to repository current and then uncomment. e.g:

after selected your favorite repository 😀
next step you update repository with slackpkg;
# slackpkg update

after update you’ll need install new system and system full upgrade;
# slackpkg install-new

and then upgrade all;
# slackpkg upgrade-all

if finish, you must clean system;
# slackpkg clean-system

after clean, you must reboot the system and look you have current versions. thanks 🙂


source :
Docs Slackware

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