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Install 0ad RTS Game on Slackware Linux

good night everybody 🙂 hmm i think Linux haven’t best game like windows or macintosh but Linux does have and free 😀
today i have free time and i confused to do what? i search game high-definition and of course always free as open source 😀
and i found RTS game and i am interested, this name game 0ad. this game can be installed on slackware? i have million question and wondered whether can enough in specification my laptop, after i visit to website this game can be installed and spec requirements RAM 512 Mb. okay finally i installed game on my Slackware Linux.

if you want install, first step you can find on SlackBuild and search suite your slackware 😀
before installing 0ad game, 0ad game requires OpenAL and 0ad-data so you download all.
after download all, you just build this game that installed on Slackware 🙂
1. first you extract OpenAL and 0ad-data, after extract you entry to the directory which has been extracted :
# cd /OpenAL
# chmod +x OpenAL.SlackBuild
# ./OpenAL.SlackBuild

wait untill done, and then you run :
# installpkg /tmp/OpenAL……… (result of building software)
and then you entry directory 0ad-data
# cd 0ad-data/
# chmod +x 0ad-data.SlackBuild
# ./0ad-data.SlackBuild
after done, equate with the above steps

and last step you extract 0ad and then extry directory:
# cd 0ad
# chmod +x 0ad.SlackBuild
# ./0ad.SlackBuild
and then same the above steps.

okay 0ad game has installed on your computer or laptop 😀
if you want play, you can called with konsole (KDE) terminal (GNOME) :
$ 0ad

Screenshot 0ad Game :


thanks before, correct me if i wrong okay 🙂

if you want any question, you can email me or comments 😀

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