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Install and build terraform on Slackware

7 Tips to Start Your Terraform Project the Right Way | by Simon So | Medium
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First for installation terraform, this need a go lang as requirements to built from source. Before to installation, i will explain a little about terraform. Terraform is tools for building, changing and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. Terraform can manage a thousand cloud servers like AWS, GCP or azure. With terraform you can save amount of time for deploying the services, build infrastructure etc.

To setup terraform, you need install go lang as dependencies so you can built the terraform in slackware linux. You can built go lang from slackbuilds template or compile manually. Here the links for installation from slackbuilds:

Compile this go lang package and then next setup to built terraform from source:

First clone terraform source from git repository

$ git clone

then navigate to directory and execute command

cd terraform && go install

wait until the built process completed.

After finished, then define each environment as usually the path is locate in /usr/local/bin/

echo $PATH

Then move terraform binary into folder path

mv terraform/terraform /usr/local/bin/

Verifiy the installation

Then if you want like a bash completion, you should install tab completion for terraform.

$ terraform -install-autocomplete

Next article i will publish to integrate with AWS cloud and setup the infrastructure with terraform. Thanks!

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