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Shell Scripts For Delete Empty Directories In Linux

Many tricks and tips using linux for daily activity, one of them is use linux default program i.e shell script. Persistence shell script is very easy for use furthermore for progammer’s, administrator etc.

I create this shell script for find empty directories and delete them. If you have many directory in machine this will be a very long for check because must check one by one direcotry in your machine.

The presence shell script to help us for remove empty directory and can quickly remove all them. You can input path where you need to search for empty directories then the script will confirm before it deletes the empty directories.

Linux Shell Script


#Check if user input parameter, if not ask to enter directory

if [ x"$1" = "x" ]; then

#Ask user to input directory where to start search for empty directories.

echo -n "Please enter directory where to delete empty folders: "

#we read input

while read dir


#we check if input empty

test -z "$dir" && {

#if input empty – we ask once more to input directory

echo -n "Please enter directory: "



#if entered no empty data – continue to do other things



#if user entered parameter do next:


#dirname will be passed parameter



#this check if directory exist, exit if not

if [ ! -d $dir ]; then

echo "No such directory"

exit 1


#We will store list of all directories in temporary file


# we search for all directories

find $dir -type d > $DirList

#writing all directories to vatiable

dirs=`cat $DirList`

#start checking every directory

for dir in $dirs


#we are checking if directory is empty

[ `ls $dir | wc -l` -lt 1 ] || continue

#this ask user if really delete directory

echo -n "Remove empty directory $dir: [No/yes] "

#reading users answer:

read answer

#Checing answer, if yes – we will delete folder, nothing in other case:

if [ "$answer" = "yes" ]; then

rmdir "$dir"



Shell Script Output

bash-4.3# vim
bash-4.3# chmod +x
bash-4.3# ./ /home/data/
ls: cannot access '/home/data/File': No such file or directory
Remove empty directory /home/data/File: [No/yes] yes


This result from shell script, the script will found empty directories and make sure if you have a directories with dir name use space will detected empty folder, so please check again. And if you have suggestion, please fill below comment box. Thanks

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